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Creation of a new reality where properties from a physical and digital environment are intertwined.

It’s a glimpse of what our reality might evolve into, when the barriers between the physical and digital are broken down, and they truly co-exist within one another. Establishing a new and dynamic environment.

Augmented reality is becoming an increasingly present phenomenon in design and construction. The main result, a movie, stands as an artistic exploration of how this trend could turn our physical spaces into augmented environments, how it might work, and how this transformation could look.

No modelling was involved, all geometry is computer generated from either photogrametry or depth sensors. The narrative revolves around how one, with machine vision, might experience the Trajan Column on the outskirts of Vienna.

Design studio | summer semester 2015

Studio Lynn | University of Applied Arts Vienna

team members: Mathias Bank &

                          Dennis Schiaroli

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