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tomographic figures

In this workshop a workflow of combining 3d scanning equipment with industrial robots to recreate a conteporary device similiar to the chronophotographic gun by Étienne-Jules Marey.
An industrial robot was used to 3d scan a human body and coordinate robotic motion with a sequence of images on a flatscreen using camera to capture long exposure images. The final outcome will be a series of tomographic images of the human figure in motion, captured and redrawn in space using light as a medium.

Workshop | winter semester 2016

instructor: Curime Batliner | SCI-Arc



Wendy Cox
Hyuson Park
Ashley Hastings
Devin Gharakhanian
Florian Smutny
Kaiho Yu
Peter Biggart
Tarek Halwani
Andrea Cadio Cadioli
Grant Trewella
Luca Beltrame
Hyosun Park

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