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The project is a solar panel factory and it is about the relationship between the machine movement trajectories and the language of the building. The goal was creating a factory where all the literal movements of the robots, conveyor belts and feeding lines are represented in the language/morphology of the building. 
While most of the factories are outside the cities, our site is in the center of Zlin next to the Bata shoe-factory and thus the connection of an industrial building with the citizens of the city became an important factor in the design process. 
Coming from inside out of the traditional solar panel factory, the cages / bounding spaces of the machinery becomes the building, while the old factory dissolves into the city. By eliminating the opaque, unnecessary walls the people get closer to the machines and understanding the production process that is otherwise hidden in the factory. The language of the building is a literal reflection of what is happening inside. 
The robots are positioned, according to the organization of a solar panel factory, and are transform from a linear assembly line into a new multi-layer configuration.
The factory becomes a spectacle for the people living in Zlin. The site gains an urban point of interest, the building create a plaza around itself , which includes a small amphitheater that leads underneath the building .

Design studio | winter semester 2015

Studio Lynn | University of Applied Arts Vienna

team members: Adrian Herk & Alexandra Moisi

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