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The Project is a proposition which re-examines the possibilities of form-generation through an understanding of rituals. It also focuses on the idea of the “literal” as a mechanism for producing a euphoric and effervescent act of architecture. Abstraction is generated by looking into flower arrangements, seen as a literal and artificial construction of nature: as a ritual. The ritual has the capacity to combine the power of-raw emotions with highly sophisticated formal understanding of organizations.
We started with a simple idea by using the literal and created alterations to produce a coherent result. Combining different organizations of flowers, we rethink the esthetics of beauty to develop a new language that provokes the boundaries of sophistication. By multiplying similarities, we created new variation of abstraction of the form by using the strategy of scaling the literal. We define the parameters of precision to create singularities and a domestication of the gestures of architecture such as the structure, shading, materiality, and landscape.

Design studio | winter 2016 (exchange program)

Studio Hernan Diaz Alonso | SCI-Arc

team member: Helena Melgar

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