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Film(anim)ation Studios

The project aims to create a new working environment for film studios by bringing them into the heart of an active city like Seoul. There is a specific spatial problem of film production concerning labor being outsourced and becoming geographically separated. The proposition for this project is, to bring production manifested in typology of a village (film studios) and post production expressed in a single unit typology (animation studio building) together in a studio lot. The idea of porosity, rigid boundaries and civic streets with plazas weaving through the volumes are the main focus of the public spaces.

Because of film teams actively working on site, equipment and sets are scattered throughout the lot transforming the streets and plazas into something fictional that the citizens are able to experience. It is simultaneously civic and industrial.


New technologies as virtual reality, animation etc., allow for a denser working environment, smaller scale, but also require specific spatial qualities. By arranging these particular volumes, perfectly tailored for film production in different ways, the new Megablock creates a new kind of urban space in between.

Master thesis | winter semester 2017

graduated with distinction

Studio Greg Lynn | University of Applied Arts Vienna 

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